John Hook Automotive Inc.

10800-B Hanna Street
Beltsville, MD 20705
39.028937 -76.908622
4.98/5.00 average rating
230 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (230)

 5     Jim 10/22/2015

 5     Ryan 10/08/2015
Very thorough and informative! Made sure I understood work being done and why it was an issue before moving forward. Very reasonable prices. Friendly and helpful. Very positive experience.

 5     Ellen 10/01/2015
There's a reason everyone I work with brings their cars here!

 5     Collette 10/01/2015
Joon Hook Automotive always gives us a very fair price with top quality work and integrity. We never feel as though we were 'taken for a ride', excuse the pun! Highly recommend this auto repair shop.

 5     Barbara 10/01/2015
I have taken my cars to John Hook Automotive for years and I trust them completely about what is needed for my car. They always find the problem and repair it. the whole staff is friendly. In addition, if the repair or service takes a day, I am driven home and picked up.

 5     Micah 09/24/2015
Best mechanic in every way that I have b ever known. John REALLY knows what he is doing and he is extremely honest. If my car doesn't need something, he will not perform any work. He even has several times encouraged me to purchase my tires from an Internet retailer, allowing me to save significant money.

 5     Doug 09/17/2015
Service work that was performed was done ahead of schedule and came in at a lower price than quoted. Will definitely come back to this professional shop. Thanks

 5     Kim 08/20/2015
Very honest. Great prices. Located in an industrial park area in Beltsville. Rare find. Highly recommend. (FYI - there is an Enterprise rental car location just a few blocks away if you need to rent a car for the day!).

 5     Kim 08/13/2015
Great shop! Courteous, friendly, and professional staff. Keep me Informed about things that might need repairs in the future but don't perform unnecessary repairs, just to jack up the price! I totally trust them.

 5     Bob 08/06/2015
John, you and your crew always do good work

 5     Brooke 08/06/2015

 5     Dave 08/06/2015
I called John Hook about getting my transmission fluid flushed. After speaking with John on the phone and Josh when I dropped my car off, I felt very much at ease about the quality of work done on my car. I will use John Hook again and recommend them to my friends.

 5     Mandranjan 07/30/2015
New tires mounted, wheels aligned, TPMS checked. All in good time and at a great price. Thanks, folks!

 5     Reilly 06/25/2015
Excellent service as always, guys. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

 5     Danielle 05/28/2015
John, Josh, and the rest of the staff are really great and are honest in their estimates. They have been up front when I absolutely needed to have something done to my car and when it wasn't pressing. I have never felt cheated or intimidated when working with them and they've always gone out of their way to explain everything to me and answer any questions that I've had.

 5     Ann 05/28/2015
Great place to go. Good work. Honest prices. Their shop isn't close but well worth the drive.

 5     Deni 05/14/2015
One of the best things about John Hook Automotive is their diagnostic skills. They look at a vehicle, drive it, and they know what's wrong with it. They don't start with a list of 10 things that might be wrong, when there's just one answer. If there are multiple possibilities, they'll narrow it down to just a few, so you don't have to waste your time or money making unneeded repairs. And unlike so many of the dealer shops I've walked away from, they don't lie to your face and hope you don't figure it out later.

 5     Deni 04/28/2015
Everyone always wishes auto repairs were less expensive, but John Hook uses quality parts that make your repairs last longer and they are thorough in their assessments. That makes them less expensive in the long run. The crew is helpful and professional, and everyone I met was ASE certified.

 5     Ellen 04/23/2015
Always reliable, trustworthy, and helpful!

 5     Barbara 04/23/2015
I have used John Hook Automotive for years and completely trust his assessment of what my car needs. John and his staff are always friendly.

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