John Hook Automotive Inc.

10800-B Hanna Street
Beltsville, MD 20705
39.028937 -76.908622
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MNG Customer Reviews (230)

 5     Mandranjan 04/24/2014
Reasonable prices, very satisfied with work quality also.

 5     Colleen 04/24/2014
Every single employee in John Hook's shop is respectful, thorough, comprehensive, and professional. The service is beyond reproach and fairly priced. I wouldn't go anywhere else unless John told me it was 'beyond his scope of practice' and recommended another provider!

 5     Maurine 04/12/2014
I have always been very pleased with the maintenance of my cars by John Hook and his employees. Most recently the radio in my Prius was fixed when the Toyota Dealer thought it needed to be replaced. I was thrilled!

 5     Colleen 02/13/2014
This is the BEST mechanic, automotive repair shop bar none! Not only are the knowledge, skill and abilities of all the employees top-notch, but the personal touch cannot be matched. I would recommend them to anyoone. They know their limits and do not hesitate to seek the best referral partner, should it become necessary!

 5     Aaron 12/19/2013
Once again John and his team have proven that there are good honest mechanics out there. I dropped my wife's van at the shop for a new power steering pump. I saw fluid leaking and the resivour had foamy fluid in it. was just an old dried up O ring in a connection to the pump. Easy low cost fix. Car works great. John could have just replaced the pump and made more money on parts. The van has 150K miles on it. Would not have surprised me that the pump needed replacement. But they did the right thing and got me out the door for very little cost. Thank you again John Hook. This is not an isolated incident. Other people in my office use John and have similar experiences.

 5     John 10/31/2013
As always I am extremely satisfied with the maintenance service I received. My truck is running perfectly and I know from my past experience with Hook Automotive that the maintenance was done correctly. Thank you.

 5     Maurine 09/19/2013

 5     Lori 09/04/2013
Always helpful, always trustworthy, always fair!

 5     Maurine 08/19/2013
I always am very satisfied with the work John Hook and his employees do on my Prius

 5     John 08/15/2013
John Hook Automotive Inc. has serviced all of our vehicles for about 10 years now. John Hook provides first class personalized customer oriented service that can be trusted without question. I'm happy to unhesitatingly recommend John and his service.

 5     Brad 06/27/2013
I have been going to John Hook Automotive for six years now and during that time, I have moved to southern MD. I still bring my business to John because the service is superb. John and his staff are friendly, professional and more than willing to take the extra time to answer my many questions. Moreover, the service is reliable and the staff is, in my opinion, honest. I have absolutely no qualms with recommending John Hook Automotive.

 5     Mike 06/20/2013
Service was excellent as is the normal for your shop. Thanks, Mike

 5     Doug 06/13/2013

 5     Kenneth 05/23/2013
So far the issue of the reduce engine power has not appeared again. I'm happy with the work that was done.

 5     David 05/09/2013
John, and his staff are the closet to saints as you are going to find. I really appreciate their forthright, genuine care for my car.

 5     John 05/09/2013
My truck was completed on time and the repair was what was needed to get my truck back on the road. Most of all I have total confidence in John Hook Automotive as they have always been honest with me and their costs are competitive. I know my vehicles will be fixed with quality parts, and the work is being done by professional mechanics.

 5     John 05/03/2013
I am very pleased with the service I received. My truck was completed on time and on schedule. I am always confident with the repairs I have done at John Hook Automotive are done correctly and with quality parts. Thank you.

 5     Paula 05/03/2013
My family and I would give John Hook Automotive 10 out of 10!

 5     Ed 05/02/2013
Excellent as always!

 5     Angel 04/06/2013
This place is great! Several shops had told me I needed a new transmission for $2500. Mr. Hook worked on my car for 5 hrs., fixed the problem and charged me less than $200. I am his for life! My car is running great for the first time in a long while. Hebis tjw Best Ever?

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